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jan 29th, 05
2:48 pm


I just played DDR for like, 30 minutes straight, with like, two minute breaks every three songs for water. I ran like, 1 3/4ths mile DDR equivalent, according to fitness mode, over 1000 jumprope jumps, and burned ... a hell of a lot of kcals.

I was on Standard difficulty and not doing too bad. I haven't played DDR in like, four months, because I thought the pad was broken. I'd like to put some duct tape on it to patch up the holes in the vinyl, but it functions just fine.

I need a shower. I feel kinda lightheaded. And yet I'm not tired at all.

What's up with that?

*drinks a 32oz of water*

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jan 26th, 05
7:04 pm

I'll try to be not-so-negative, although I did bomb my Algebra final. Ho-well, these things happen.

I got a Wacom Graphire 6x8 tablet for my birthday. Woo-woo. I'm so totally leet and all that good stuff.

I'm fifteen and i still feel like a total idiot. I'm working on it though. The drawing is fun, even if I'm not all that good... it gets my mind off things, which is always nice. And it'll help me improve once I readjust myself to it. I've already been improving since I started using referrence stock photos.

Now if I can find good non-gothy people for stock. Eck.

*sings birthday song to self*

_ 1 _ year _ bad _ luck _
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jan 19th, 05
9:42 pm

I've been sick all this week and am more likely than not taking tomorrow off too. Want to know the number one way to screw up finals? Be sick the week you're SUPPOSED to be cramming. x____X

I've already screwed up this semester for Algebra (not getting assignments done due to lack of comprehension), Physical Education (lack of physical fitness leading to inability -- a crappy reason, if you ask me), Biology (hell if I know), and English (missed two essays due to -- you guessed it -- absence). So I'm gonna have to do a complete 180 in the second semester and NOT.GET.SICK or a lot of trouble is coming my way.

Hooray for bombing finals. Or at least, GOING to bomb finals. not until next week @__@

_ 2 _ years _ bad _ luck _
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jan 12th, 05
7:30 pm

Not that anybody cares or anything, but my birthday is on the 26th. Another year gone, and what have I done with it? It's a question worth asking, sure, but the answer... well, I suppose it boils down to 'nothing'. I mean sure, I went back to school, but I haven't learned a single new thing, nor have I made any real 'friends'. I have ... Amber. And stalkernobaka/miss_ricadonna... plus you others who I don't talk to much anymore.

I fail at life in the literal sense. Tsk. I'm failing Algebra because I'm a lazy idiot who doesn't hand in homework, I'm failing Biology because I have no respect for my teacher, and I'm failing PE because I suck. Yeah, you can make fun of me all you want. I'm used to it by now. I've heard 'only losers fail PE' all my life, so I kind of feel like one now... guh.

Hopefully next year will be better. I'm trying to regain my optimism for some reason. It's kind of been a futile effort.

I've lost something like 30 pounds since my last doctor's visit in summer. I'm proud of myself for that bit, and I think for now, it's enough.

Note to self: Quit skiving off math homework. It'll bite you in the ass.

Note to self: Don't skive off finals because they're on your birthday.

Note to self: Don't consider skipping classes until AFTER finals, and then, only biology as it's excusable.

Peace out, etc

_ 8 _ years _ bad _ luck _
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dec 29th, 04
6:37 am

I don't want to go back to school on the third...

I've fallen into old routine, it's comfortable and familiar. I don't think I'm ready for it to end. .____.Staying up all night, talking to friends online... it's just lovely, and I don't want to have to go back to school. 's not like I'm accomplishing anything there. x_x

Oh well, it's not worth bitching about.

We buried Pi-kitty last night. She is in good company with Skoshi, Felix, Sylvester, and Kelsi. Quite a little graveyard this house is collecting, eh? I think she's the smallest one, though. Most certainly the youngest.

I'll go have a good cry and fal asleep. Goodnight!

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dec 27th, 04
6:16 pm

in loving memory...Collapse )

_ 3 _ years _ bad _ luck _
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dec 26th, 04
12:05 am

I'm sufficiently happy with my Christmas. The gifts were very nice, but I can honestly say this year that I didn't need them. Quite an accomplishment for me, a very material-oriented person...

I didn't get the tablet I wanted, but that's okay, because what I got is perfectly as good New speakers, that are very nice with their own lil' subwoofer and everything. Ben got a wireless mouse and keyboard, but didn't like the design, so I've in herited them, it's quite nice. Donkey Konga, unexpected but very fun nonetheless. Two pair of headphones, for school, very comfy and good sounding. An umbrella for walking to the bus stop. The first two Chrono Crusade manga from my brother, who I didn't know would think of me. The book "Trickster's Queen" by Tamora Pierce, which I'm sure I'll enjoy. Bunches of candy. A finger kite and 'touchable bubbles'.

But the two very best gifts:

A digital camera, which I'm sure I'll enjoy messing around with, and a printer/scanner. The latter excites me to the fullest extent, and makes up for not getting a tablet totally. The crazy thing is, my brother and I BOTH got one. O_O I didn't think we had the money...

All in all, it was a very pleasing Christmas. I got to spend time with my favorite cousin, Cameron, which is always a good thing, and we had a delicious dinner which, unfortunately, I didn't eat nearly enough of.

I hope everybody else got to have at least as good of a holiday as I. I'm thinking of you all, even those of you whom I've lost touch with. I'll try to make a new effort in the coming year.

Happy holidays, yo. Peace out.

_ broken _ glass _

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dec 8th, 04
10:07 pm

Kumoricon prereg is up! Woo-hoo! I'll have my admission in by Friday. I wonder if I can talk my brother into going? Dad'll go, though. He's getting more into Anime, which is funny. He watched Furi Kuri, and he really likes it. I'll have to forcefeed him some Slayers too, maybe get him to watch something else.. he also likes Azumanga Daioh, and what Read or Die The TV he saw on G4TTV he liked.

But the bad news is I stayed home sick today, so I think I'm going to get a no-credit in Manufacturing. Oh, well... I do what I can...

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dec 6th, 04
11:04 pm

Well, I successfully ran for 20 minutes straight, thereby passing my P.E. CIM. I didn't think I could do it, and I would have given up if it hadn't been for my OMGWONDERFUL()@#*$(R gym teacher. I swear, she's awesome just for that. .____.

Next week: Running a mile in the freezing cold temperatures of The Outdoors! (which is bad. my leg cramps up.)

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dec 5th, 04
11:25 pm

I think I'll bum some cash from Dad and go buy a santa's hat.

Then, on the 17th, I shall run through the halls during lunch with as many of my friends as I can convince and sing christmas carols to the best of my ability. Maybe I'll wear red and green.

Hey, a freshman's gotta do something to get noticed.

...hey, that reminds me. I should Christmas up my layout.

Why is it the one holiday I ever get into is Christmas? Maybe I just have my best memories associated with it... ah, well.

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nov 29th, 04
9:19 pm

Stupid quizzes, I haven't gone on a quiz binge in awhile.

all stalker's faultCollapse )

_ 4 _ years _ bad _ luck _
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nov 23rd, 04
11:09 pm

I'm considering what to cos as for Kumoricon 05. And it'll probably depend on what I enter the karaoke contest singing, because I'd prefer to karaoke in costume.

Of course, I can ALWAYS pull off a Taichi again, and as I have the goggles, Daisuke is an option. I'm definately considering the Kaiser (never happen -- too complex), though, as well as a Yamato (how would I pull off the hair?). Aerith is in consideration (I'd end up karaoke-ing "Pray" from the Final Fantasy: Pray track, which is okay as I'm good at it), and somebody from Slayers (preferably TRY, I would end up as Valgaav, Xelloss, or Filia).

What I'd LOVE to do is a trio doing "Rocketto Dan yo Ein Ni", but that'll never happen.

Meh, I worry about it too much. Better go tidy up that math homework before midnight hits.

_ 1 _ year _ bad _ luck _
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nov 21st, 04
11:43 am

I've been playing too much Pokemon Fire Red.

Ok, not really. I've been spending too much time leveling up. I'm trying to evolve my Aabo into Aabokku and having a really hard time of it, due in part to the fact that I'm only at Cerulean right now. My Rizado, Piros, is level 17 now, and I won't let it evolve to Charizard. Rar nasty overrated dragon THING. Raizor (named as such because it's NOT staying pika for long, eurgh) is level 14, and my Purin is 16. I have 21 Pokemon captured and 38 seen.

And now Mom's being bitchy. Aaaaargh.

Life lately's been pretty slow and depressing, especially school. It make me want to tear my hair out... I hate monotony. Things were less monotonous when I wasn't even doing anything. Bleh. Manufacturing is horrible and I'm really far behind, so that's not good, and all my grades are really bad because I'm stressed out. I have homework I should be doing right now, so I'll probably go work on that when I'm done here. (Who am I kidding?)

Stupid relatives are coming over, too. I dislike my family, especially now that they're all depressed over that stupid shit. Why don't they just move on?



Maybe I'll write something. Or go read more Terry Pratchett.

The names of Linkin Park's remixes piss me off.

_ 4 _ years _ bad _ luck _
_ broken _ glass _

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nov 20th, 04
7:42 pm

Nandakanda to kikaretara!
Kotaete ageru ga yo no nasake!
Sekai no hakai o fusegu tame!
Seikai no heiwa o mamoru tame!
Ai to shinjitsu no aku o tsuranuku!
RABURI CHAAMII na katakiyaku!
Ginga o kakeru Roketto-dan no futari ni wa!
HOWAITO HOORU... Shiroi ashita ga matteruze.
Nyaa, nyaante nya!


_ 5 _ years _ bad _ luck _
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nov 19th, 04
6:13 pm

You know what's really damn hard, and generally not fun?

Making a screwdriver. ;_;

(and to think, we get to start on our C-Clamp next week...)

_ broken _ glass _